Evidence based strategies for weight loss

Weight loss  is like a jigsaw puzzle and missing even just one piece can mean that your weight loss stalls or even heart-breakingly you start to gain weight.  Every day births a new diet or product promising to solve the all pervasive first world problem of excess weight.  And yet why is it that we keep getting fatter?  

This is an intensely personal question for me and I am embarking on a passionate exploration of the evidence behind fat loss.  I’d love you to join me as I delve into what the research scientists are proving.  Grab hold it’s going to be detailed, geeky, yet irreverent and be warned there will be an egregious use of exclamation points!

I am going to try each of the strategies out on myself to see if an 40-something gal can lose fat and keep it off following an evidence based, health focussed fat loss program. If you’d like to join me I’m starting a facebook group called “Evidence-Based Fat Loss” (click here to jump straight to the Facebook site).

I’m making it a closed group for women only so everyone who participates feels supported and never judged.

I look forward to seeing you over there…. let’s get ready to rumble!  


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