So you’ve been told your thyroid is normal but you are still exhausted, forgetful & gaining weight? Did you know your immune system could be causing these symptoms 7 years before they show up on your ‘thyroid test’ (TSH test)?

Antibodies from the immune system have been found attacking the thyroid up to 7 years before it was severe enough to cause the need for medication in studies on humans (Caturegli, et al., 2013). That’s 7 loooooong years of weight gain, fatigue, illness, joint pain & moodiness.  Having lived through this myself it was 7 years too long!

The good news is it is possible to determine your antibody levels with a simple blood test – it’s almost like looking into a crystal ball and seeing your (thyroid) future 😉

If you have a family history of autoimmune diseases and are feeling more tired than you think you should be, are gaining or losing weight and are feeling either anxious or depressed it might be worthwhile checking your immune system’s treatment of your thyroid to get a head start on healing.

Whilst you may not be able to access these tests via medicare without a confirmed abnormal TSH test you can order them easily via your naturopath if you opt to pay for them yourself.
thyroid, graves, hashimotos, autoimmune thyroiditis, naturopath, herbalist, newcastle nsw, fatigue, weight gain, infertility, antibodies, tsh, t3, t4Personally I was diagnosed by a naturopath from these tests with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which caused hypothyroid symptoms (low thyroid function). Once the naturopath had given me a diagnosis I went back to the GP who I had been seeing for years wanting to validate what the naturopath had told me and seeking more information.  At this appointment my GP shared he hadn’t ordered these tests because they were “expensive on the public purse” and yet at no stage was I offered the option of paying $100 that could have saved me thousands of dollars in subsequent medical and alternative medicine bills!  And even more importantly possibly prevented having to quit a full time job I loved because of exhaustion and loss of short term memory,  20 kg weight gain, swollen painful joints and weekly colds and ‘flus.  It was this experience of worsening health with no relief from medical professionals that led me to study naturopathy for effective, natural solutions based on current medical research.

The tests for the assessment of your immune system’s impact on your thyroid when low thyroid function is suspected: Thyroperoxidase antibody test (anti-TPO) and antibodies to thyroglobulin test (TgAb).

If you suspect something is wrong make sure you know your risks, get the right tests & have an effective  solution tailored to your body.

thyroid, graves, hashimotos, autoimmune thyroiditis, naturopath, herbalist, newcastle nsw, fatigue, weight gain, infertility, antibodies, tsh, t3, t4Sonia x

Sonia McNaughton Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Image: Webmd

Feature image: WebMD

Caturegli, P., De Remigis, A., Chuang, K., Dembele, M., Iwama, A., & Iwama, S. (2013). Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: celebrating the centennial through the lens of the Johns Hopkins hospital surgical pathology records. Thyroid23(2), 142-150.


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