Sonia McNaughton Naturopath Newcastle

Sonia McNaughton 

My life was brimming over with fun, family, friends and a job I loved.  Yet I was constantly exhausted, irritable and forgetful. I was gaining weight, losing my hair, permanently sick and injured by the easiest of exercise.

I was diagnosed with a number of autoimmune diseases and endless expensive appointments with a wide variety of practitioners from the very best in orthodox medicine to the most extreme alternative therapies left me feeling hopelessly confused and hopeless. Being told to accept my situation would most likely continue to deteriorate made me furiously angry and fuelled a burning desire to find out why I my health derailed and how to feel better!  So I hit the books and went back to school to study and ended up with a triple qualification in nutrition, naturopathy and medical herbalism.

More important to me than the awards I won was my restored energy, stable mood and lust for life from putting what I learnt into action.

My experience has left me passionate about providing simple-to-follow, scientifically valid, natural solutions to help you achieve your best possible life.

If you’d like to explore how you can regain your energy, vitality and lust for life email me on: sonia@soniamcnaughton.com

Yours in health,

Sonia x


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