Feeling stressed, tired or irritable? 

What can you do if you are deep in the mid-year, mid-winter drag? A herbal tonic called Rhodiola rosea is a natural pick-me-up to help you cope with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and down. Rhodiola has been used for hundreds of years in many different cultures for its anti-stress, anti-fatigue and antidepressant properties. A 2016 review of the scientific studies on Rhodiola found evidence … Continue reading Feeling stressed, tired or irritable? 

Tired, teary & sluggish?

Feeling tired, teary & sluggish?  Can't lose fat or gain muscle?  You might have one of the most common chronic disorders - hypothyroidism.  A whopping 5% of the total population have hypothyroidism and as you age your risk increases.  In your 50's and 60's 10% of the population have hypothyroidism.  Plus it's more common in women than men (2, 3).  … Continue reading Tired, teary & sluggish?