Healthy, delicious, fast lunch

Keeping on track with my 2016 goals gets hard when I'm time poor!  What I need is a quick and healthy meal to help me stay alert, calm and full throughout my busy afternoon while lovin' my liver. Challenge accepted! Carrot & Beetroot Salad (with thanks to Everyday Cookbook) Recipe: 1 carrot 2 beetroot (raw) ½ green apple ¼ … Continue reading Healthy, delicious, fast lunch

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Cherry Ripe Muffins – healthy & delicious!

How do you enjoy the taste of chocolate when you need to be dairy-free & gluten-free for your health? I wanted to bake an afternoon tea treat my friend who loves chocolate with a deep passion would enjoy without all the nasty side effects that milk and butter cause in my body.  I also didn't want a lot … Continue reading Cherry Ripe Muffins – healthy & delicious!

Paleo Snack

Latest Food Obsession – Baked Cauliflower

My latest food obsession is baked cauliflower…I am absolutely obsessed with this easy-to-make, delicious-to-eat, healthy snack at the moment.  It's Paleo, it's 5:2, it's low GI, it's just downright spectacular! Not only is it the perfect Paleo snack, for 5:2 lovers it is a super low calorie way of filling yourself up on fast days. I find myself making … Continue reading Latest Food Obsession – Baked Cauliflower

Are pimples linked to diet?  The science of natural solutions to acne.

It’s the Easter Sunday tally of chocolate and hot cross buns and it’s time to get science to help me prevent pimples popping-up like bunny rabbits!  In 7 days I will be standing in front of a group of gals talking evidence based health solutions and a visage resembling a pizza is not a confidence … Continue reading Are pimples linked to diet?  The science of natural solutions to acne.

Energy-Boosting, Craving-Busting Snacks

Do you find you are looking for something to pep you up to get through the day?  Is the diet coke / coffee and chocolate afternoon snack more than the occasional go-to food? I was talking fatigue and craving-busting strategies with my gorgeous friend Leah who is a mum to 2 active boys (3yo & … Continue reading Energy-Boosting, Craving-Busting Snacks