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1 supplement in Hashimoto’s & Graves’ to reduce thyroid antibodies. Updated 2017

On the search to feel more energetic, more upbeat and regulate weight with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves' disease?  Have you heard about the mineral selenium?  It is one of the most extensively researched, science based, natural treatments for reducing the autoimmune attack on the thyroid! The Selenium Story: The selenium and thyroid story are closely … Continue reading 1 supplement in Hashimoto’s & Graves’ to reduce thyroid antibodies. Updated 2017

Hypothyroid, not yet medicated, but need to feel better?

Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) is the most common autoimmune disorder in the world affecting more than 10% of females and 2% of males causing hypothyroidism with fatigue, weight gain / difficulty losing weight, infertility, constipation, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, swelling and more. A study was completed on women in … Continue reading Hypothyroid, not yet medicated, but need to feel better?

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I call bullshit on oversimplified info on supplements

The amazing peeps at Harvard are trying to help the average shopper interested in their health with an article on why information on nutrients and supplements (and I think herbs too) is so confusing and overwhelming. Simply put it comes back to the science: what formulation of the nutrient was used in the scientific trials, what dosage, … Continue reading I call bullshit on oversimplified info on supplements

Healthy, delicious, fast lunch

Keeping on track with my 2016 goals gets hard when I'm time poor!  What I need is a quick and healthy meal to help me stay alert, calm and full throughout my busy afternoon while lovin' my liver. Challenge accepted! Carrot & Beetroot Salad (with thanks to Everyday Cookbook) Recipe: 1 carrot 2 beetroot (raw) ½ green apple ¼ … Continue reading Healthy, delicious, fast lunch

Infertility, miscarriage & thyroid

I wish more than anything in the world that I had found a thyroid-literate naturopath & doctor before I suffered through so many miscarriages & spent thousands of dollars on IVF. It's one of the reasons why I went back to school for 4 years of full time study to become a naturopath myself & … Continue reading Infertility, miscarriage & thyroid

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Cherry Ripe Muffins – healthy & delicious!

How do you enjoy the taste of chocolate when you need to be dairy-free & gluten-free for your health? I wanted to bake an afternoon tea treat my friend who loves chocolate with a deep passion would enjoy without all the nasty side effects that milk and butter cause in my body.  I also didn't want a lot … Continue reading Cherry Ripe Muffins – healthy & delicious!

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7 years advanced notice of thyroid disorder with simple tests

So you've been told your thyroid is normal but you are still exhausted, forgetful & gaining weight? Did you know your immune system could be causing these symptoms 7 years before they show up on your 'thyroid test' (TSH test)? Antibodies from the immune system have been found attacking the thyroid up to 7 years … Continue reading 7 years advanced notice of thyroid disorder with simple tests

Eliminating triggers to overeating

So I made a commitment to myself to go "sugar free".  I’ve tried before but radically underestimated how deep my food addiction was and failed in the early stages.  This time I’m employing the very best science has to offer looking to the evidence for high quality research on weight loss. Weight loss is a … Continue reading Eliminating triggers to overeating